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Standard Button in ASP.NET AJAX
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Information to Standard Button

Standard button is used as the default button type in the PerButton control. And many button types that we will talk in other articles, like image button and icon button, is developed from this basic button type.
In this page, we will guide you how to create a simple standard button in aspx web page and how to customize the settings of standard button using ASP.NET AJAX SDK.

Basic Properties of Standard Button

In this part, we will offer detailed guidance on how to customize the settings of standard icon properties. And we will introduce the configuration of standard button properties from following seven aspects.
  1. BackColor: it controls the background color of the standard button and the PerButton offers rich options for users to choose from.
  2. Border: this property allows users to customize the settings of button border color, border style and border width.
  3. Enabled: when setting this property to true, you make the button clickable. If you set it to fals, the button will be grayed out and can not be clicked.
  4. Font: by using the font property, you can customize the font size, text style and text content.
  5. ForeColor: the fore color here refers to the color of font text. That means you can use this property to decide what color the text will be showed in the button.
  6. Width & height: if you want to tailor the height and width of standard button to your desired values, you can use the button sizing properties.
  7. Skin: to make your button look more special, you can also add different skin to your standard button. And you can use Skin property to decide which skin you are trying to use on the standard button.

How to Build a Simple Standard Button

In this part, we offer you a detailed coding guidance on how to create a standard button in ASP.NET web application. To achieve AJAX effect, please drag an AjaxPanel component from toolbox to aspx web page and then drag a button control from toolbox to that AjaxPanel. By the way, please make sure that you have installed .NET Framework 3.5 or above versions and that you have installed all the necessary dlls into your ASP.NET web application.
<kettic:PerButton ID="PerButton1" runat="server" Text="Standard Button" Enabled="true" ForeColor="Orange" BorderColor="DarkCyan" BorderStyle="Solid" BorderWidth="3" Width="200" Height="30">
standard button

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