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Filter Skins in ASP.NET
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Information to Filter Skin

If you want to control the general look and feel for your Kettic Filter component, you can try to customize its skins. Technically speaking, a skin is a set of images / pictures as well as a CSS stylesheet that can be applied to the control elements, such as an item, image, and so on, in order to control how they look and feel.
Similar to most of the controls included in Kettic UI suite for ASP.NET AJAX, this Filter control also provides a large number of wonderfully designed default skins and plenty of properties to customize and create desired skins.
In the demo screenshot below, you can see we have provided you with rich options of default skins for Kettic Filter control. All of these skins are embedded in the DLL assembly as web source which you can easily deploy and apply. To do that, you only need to set the Skin property of the control with a few codings.
This is a demo of Kettic Filter control skins:

How to Customize Filter Skin

If you don't really like the built in skins provided by Kettic Filter control, users can also try creating custom skins or modify the skin templates. Custom skins are skins created by developers or users, so they are not embedded and registered automatically.
To create a custom skin, you also need to set the Skin property first. Apart from that, you also need to set false to EnableEmbeddedSkins property. If you do that, the application might throw an error indicating that no embedded skin matches the Skin property.
To create custom skin for your filter control, you have the following options to select from:
  • The fastest and easiest way is to use the Visual Style Builder.
  • You can also apply a built in skin and make modifications as you like until you are satisfied.
  • Lastly, you can simply create a custom skin step by step from scratch.