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How to Put up Title of Calendar Using C#
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In this page, we are going to offer users the comprehensive C# demo codes for each Web UI for ASP.NET AJAX calendar title control. Other related web Calendar elements tutorials are:

How to Set Title Properties with C# Codes

This part gives all the indispensable C# demo codes for title properties included in ASP.NET calendar title page. What's more, we also display the brief explanations for each property in each sub-section.

How to Use C# Codes to Set Title Format

Introduction to title format: this property is created based on the standard date format pattern, which controls have the DateTime objects that represent the date or dates in the title are formatted.
PerCalendar1.TitleFormat = "MMM yyyy";

How to Use C# Codes to Set Title Color

Title color explanations: this property controls the back color and fore color of title. Users can freely select any supportable color type.
PerCalendar1.TitleStyle.BackColor = System.Drawing.Color.LightPink;
PerCalendar1.TitleStyle.ForeColor = System.Drawing.Color.LightSlateGray;

How to Use C# Codes to Set Title Font

Title text font: with the support of this property, users can freely set the size, style, as well as name.
PerCalendar1.TitleStyle.Font.Italic = true;    
PerCalendar1.TitleStyle.Font.Size = new FontUnit(16);

How to Use C# Codes to Set Title Border

Title border control: if you have specific needs for title text style, color and width, you can apply this property to help you to reach goal.
PerCalendar1.TitleStyle.BorderStyle = BorderStyle.Solid;
PerCalendar1.TitleStyle.BorderColor = System.Drawing.Color.LightBlue;
PerCalendar1.TitleStyle.BorderWidth = 3;

How to Use C# Codes to Set Title Size

Set title size: use this property to adjust the width and height of title with the support of ASP.NET AJAX calendar control.
PerCalendar1.TitleStyle.Height = 40;
PerCalendar1.TitleStyle.Width = 200;

How to Use C# Codes to Set Title Align

Use C# to set title align: the position of title text can be set in left, right, center and justify directions, besides Align can be used for any of the values applicable to an HTML align property. And please note that, when the calendar is in multi- viewing mode, text align attribute controls the alignment of titles for each individual view as well as the alignment of the title in the title bar.
PerCalendar1.TitleAlign = HorizontalAlign.Right;