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Create a Simple DataPager in ASP.NET AJAX
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KT.UI for ASP.NET AJAX DataPager control is well designed to display paging navigation for data-bound components. Users are able to easily embed PerDataPager control within web ASP.NET application in Visual Studio. With such mature and easy to integrated data control, users can view large sets of data values with fast loading speed and easily post-navigation.

How to Create an ASP.NET Web Application

Our DataPager control for ASP.NET AJAX can be seamlessly combined within Visual Studio 2010, 2012 and any later version. Before users start to and create DataPager according to the guides in this page, please be sure that you have installed any supportable Visual Studio version on your computer successfully.
  1. At first, please open your Visual Studio, and select New | Web Site from the Visual Studio 2010 File menu;
  2. And then, choose the "ASP.NET Web Site" Visual C#, and enter a file name and location path for the would-be created web application. We give the sample operation screenshot below to better guide users to create a required web ASP.NET project.


How to Add DataPager Control to Page

After you have built a web ASP.NET project based on above processing instructions, then, you can move to how to add DataPager to the web page. If this is the first time for you to use our product, please do as guides below.
  1. Please start by dragging and dropping an AJAXPanel component to the default web page from the Toolbox.
  2. After finishing creating an AJAXPanel file, then you need to drag a DataPager component into the AjaxPanel from the Toolbox.

How to Customize DataPager Properties

This section is arranged to display the guides on how to specify and customize the DataPager control properties within web ASP.NET application. Users are able to deal with these attributes of DataPager: pagee mode, pager fields, and skin.
  1. The PerDataPager Smart Tag provides convenient access to the most common settings for the control. Users can display the Smart Tag by right clicking on the PerDataPager in the design window and choose the "Show Smart Tag" option from its context menu;

  2. In the PerDataPager Smart Tag window, select "Choose Pager Mode" setting to specify the way and style the DataPager will be displayed;
  3. Also, users can right click the Skin property in the Smart Tag to get the drop down menu to select skin of DataPager.