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How to Build DateInput Using C#
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KT.UI PerDateInput control for ASP.NET AJAX has been perfectly developed to enable users to input various date and time values and formats that can be automatically switched into acceptable and supportable date strings. This enhanced DateInput toolkit is standalone and can fulfill different user' needs without needing any external third party inputting plug-in.
Besides the basic date input component, we still provide users the outstanding date value increment and decrement tools through keyboard arrow keys and mouse wheel. Specific operation guides are demonstrated in the third part of this tutorial article.

How to Set Basic Properties of DateInput Control

With the support of DateInput control of KT.UI SDK, users can get the standard and complete tools for date format values within ASP.NET project. Our DateInput component allows for following four different input format values.
  • DateFormat: users can use this property to set the format string for the value of the date input control when the date input box has focus.
  • Culture: this property can be used to control the value of culture-dependent symbols in the date format value, for instance, the specific names of the days in a week.
  • MinDate: this property is designed to set the minimum date of the input data strings.
  • MaxDate: this property can be used to set the maximum date of the input data strings.
Please see following C# ASP.NET codes on how to set properties above. You can are allowed to directly copy and paste them into your DateInput programming project.

PerDateInput1.DateFormat = "d";
PerDateInput1.Culture = new CultureInfo("en-US");
PerDateInput1.MinDate = new DateTime(2000, CheckBox1, 1);
PerDateInput1.MaxDate = new DateTime(2100, CheckBox1, 1);

How to Set Increment Property by Using Demo C# Codes

Our users also are allowed to input and change the date value's increment or decrement by using keyboard arrow keys or mouse wheel.
  • InterceptArrowKeys: When users set InterceptArrowKeys as True, then you can use the arrow keys to change the date value.
  • InterceptMouseWheel: When users choose InterceptMouseWheel is True, then you can use the mouse wheel to change the date value.
  • Step: this property can control the specific magnitude each time the arrow key or movement of the mouse wheel move.

PerDateInput1.IncrementSettings.InterceptArrowKeys = true;
PerDateInput1.IncrementSettings.InterceptMouseWheel = true;