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DirectoryItem Constructor (String, String, String, String, PathPermissions, FileItem, DirectoryItem)
Creates an instance of the DirectoryItem class.

Namespace: Kettic.AspNet.Controls.Widgets
Assembly: Kettic.AspNet.Controls (in Kettic.AspNet.Controls.dll) Version: 2014.4.1129.0 (2014.04.1129.0)
public DirectoryItem(
	string name,
	string location,
	string fullPath,
	string tag,
	PathPermissions permissions,
	FileItem[] files,
	DirectoryItem[] directories


Type: SystemString
The name of the directory item.
Type: SystemString
The location of the directory item. To let the FileBrowser control automatically build its path you should set this parameter to string.Empty. If the DirectoryItem is a root item, this parameter must contain the virtual location of the item.
Type: SystemString
The full virtual path of the directory item. Used by the ContentProvider for populating the Directories and Files properties.
Type: SystemString
The tag of the directory item. Used when the virtual path must be different than the url of the item. When the value of this property is set, the FileBrowser control uses it instead of the combined virtual path.
Type: Kettic.AspNet.Controls.WidgetsPathPermissions
The permissions for this directory item.
Type: Kettic.AspNet.Controls.WidgetsFileItem
A FileItem array containing all child file items.
Type: Kettic.AspNet.Controls.WidgetsDirectoryItem
A DirectoryItem array containing all child directory items.
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