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Kettic.AspNet.Controls.ChartModel Namespace
  Class Description
Public class ActiveRegion
Represents the active region of the chart element/item.
Public class AxisItemTextArea
Text for Axis item
Public class AxisLabelBase
Base class for Axis label
Public class AxisXLabelTextArea
Text in X Axis
Public class AxisYLabelTextArea
Text in Y Axis
Public class BindableChartLegendItem
Bindable label item in Chart label collection
Public class CanHiddenTextArea
Text can be hidden
Public class CaptionTextArea
Text in Chart title
Public class ChartAxis
Base calss for chart axis
Public class ChartAxisItem
Axis item in Chart
Public class ChartAxisItemsCollection
A collection to store axis items.
Public class ChartAxisLabel
Label for X Axis
Public class ChartAxisSegment
Axis segment in case of ScaleBreaks enabled
Public class ChartAxisSegmentCollection
Segments collection
Public class ChartAxisX
The X axis of the Chart control
Public class ChartAxisY
The Y axis of the Chart control
Public class ChartAxisYLabel
Label for Y Axis
Public class ChartCaption
Chart Title
Public class ChartClickEventArgs
Event arguments when a chart element is clicked.
Public class ChartDataManager
Acquires and manipulates data from databases or other sources. Populates the SeriesSet of the chart control.
Public class ChartDiagram
The sketch plane in Chart
Public class ChartEntity
class for Chart Entity Data
Public class ChartGrid
Data visualization as DataTable in Chart
Public class ChartingStateManagedCollectionT
Base class for all collections support view state tracking
Public class ChartLabel
Chart label
Public class ChartLabelBase
Base class for all labels with text
Public class ChartLabelItem
Label item in Chart label collection
Public class ChartLabelsCollection
Collection of labels
Public class ChartLegend
Legend in Chart, displays the series names or series labels listing.
Public class ChartMarker
Marker of visual elements in Chart control
Public class ChartMarkingArea
Marked area with diffrent color in Chart
Public class ChartMarkingAreaCollection
Marked zones collection
Public class ChartScaleBreak
Scale break in Y Axis
Public class ChartSeries
Point series in Chart
Public class ChartSeriesPoint
Represents the base element of KaxChart's series.
Public class ChartSeriesPointCollection
Series points collection
Public class ChartSeriesPointDataBoundEventArgs
Class containing event data for an ItemDataBound event
Public class ChartSeriesSet
Series collection
Public class ChartZoomEventArgs
Provides data for KaxChart.Zoom event.
Public class ColorBlend
Defines arrays of elements and positions used for interpolating GradientElement blending in a multicolor gradient.
Public class ComplexDataSetClass
Sample class returns DataSet with several columns which could be used as Y values source. Used for a data binding demonstration only
Public class CustomFigure
Figure can be specified
Public class CustomFiguresCollection
Figures collection by customized
Public class CustomPalettesCollection
User-defined palettes collection
Public class DataSetClass
Sample class returns DataSet for an ObjectDataSource data binding demo
Public class DemoData
Simple data sources examples class. Used for a data binding demonstration only
Public class DoubleCollection
Collection base object example. Used for a data binding demostration only
Public class DummyWebControl
Public class EmptySeriesMessageLabel
Display this message when there is no series in Chart
Visible if no or empty series present
Public class EmptySeriesMessageTextArea
Text for empty Series
Public class ExtendedLabelCollectionBase
Extended label in Chart, it may contain a number of labels
Public class GradientElement
Gradient element
Public class LocatingElement
Base class in Chart control for elements need to be drawn, contains size and location
Public class MarkingAreaLabel
MarkedZone label class
Public class Palette
Series color palette. Used for an automatic series items colors assignment
Public class PaletteItem
Palette item
Public class PaletteItemsCollection
Palette items collection
Public class Product
Sample object. Used for a data binding demonstration only
Public class ProductsBL
Sample business logic object. Used for a data binding demonstration only
Public class ProductsList
IBindingList example. Used for a data binding demonstration only
Public class RegionClickEventArgs
Event arguments when a chart element is clicked.
Public class RenderingElement
Base class in Chart control to render the element
Public class SeriesPointLabel
Series item label
Public class SeriesPointTextArea
The text of series point
Public class StateManagerBase
Base class implements the view state management
Public class TextArea
The text of the label element in Chart
Public class TextBlockLabelItem
Legend item's text block
Public class TextBlockLegend
Chart title text container properties
Public class TextBlockMarkedZone
MarkedZone label's text container properties
  Structure Description
Public structure PalettesCollection
Default palettes
  Interface Description
Public interface IChartItemStateManager
Common interface for a State managed collection items
Public interface IChartStateManager
The common interface for all chart elements support View State tracking
Public interface IContainer
Common interface for a rendering container objects
Public interface IOrdering
Common interface for an order list element of rendering container
  Delegate Description
Public delegate RegionClickEventHandler
  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration ChartAxisYMode
Specifies the Y axis modes.
Public enumeration ChartAxisYType
Primary or Secondary
Public enumeration ChartElementLocation
Specifies the location of the KaxChart's elements.
Public enumeration ChartLegendDisplayType
Public enumeration ChartScaleBreakMode
Possible axis scale break's line types
Public enumeration ChartSeriesOrientation
Series orientation
Public enumeration ChartSeriesView
Series display view mode
Public enumeration ContentHorizontalAlign
Horizontal Alignment of text in DataTable cells
Public enumeration ContentVerticalAlign
Vertical Alignment of text in DataTable cells
Public enumeration SeriesLegendDisplayMode
Specifies legend items presentation.
Public enumeration TableRenderType
RenderType of DataTable