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Kettic.AspNet Namespace
  Class Description
Public class AnimationScripts
Public class ClientControlEventAttribute
Signifies that this Property should be exposed as a client-side event reference
Public class ClientControlMethodAttribute
Signifies that this method should be exposed as a client callback
Public class ClientControlPropertyAttribute
Signifies that this property is to be emitted as a client script property
Public class ClientPropertyNameAttribute
Allows the mapping of a property declared in managed code to a property declared in client script. For example, if the client script property is named "handle" and you prefer the name on the TargetProperties object to be "Handle", you would apply this attribute with the value "handle."
Public class ClientScriptResourceAttribute
Associates a client script resource with an extender class. This allows the extender to find it's associated script and what names and prefixes with which to reference it.
Public class ComponentReferenceAttribute
Signifies that this property references a ScriptComponent
Public class Core
Public class ElementReferenceAttribute
Specifies this property is an element reference and should be converted during serialization. The default (e.g. cases without this attribute) will generate the element's ID
Public class EmbeddedSkinAttribute
Public class jQuery
Public class jQueryPlugins
Public class LocalizationStrings
Public class ModalExtender
Clientside implementation of visual element resize functionality
Public class PopupBehavior
Repository of old "Atlas" code that we're waiting to have integrated into the new Microsoft Ajax Library
Public class RequiredPropertyAttribute
The presence of this attribute on a property of a subclass of TargetControlPropertiesBase indicates that the property value is required and the control can not be used without it. Absence of a required property value causes an exception to be thrown during creation of the control.
Public class RequiredScriptAttribute
Public class ResizeExtender
Clientside implementation of visual element resize functionality
Public class ResolveControlEventArgs
Public class ScriptObjectBuilder
Gets the script references for a type
Public class ScrollingScripts
Public class SkinRegistrar
Public class StateManager
Public class StronglyTypedStateManagedCollectionItemType
  Interface Description
Public interface IClientStateManager
Describes an object which supports ClientState
Public interface IControl
Public interface IControlResolver
Describes an object that can be used to resolve references to a control by its ID
Public interface IMarkableStateManager
Public interface ISkinnableControl
  Delegate Description
Public delegate ResolveControlEventHandler