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Kettic.AspNet.Controls.ChartModel.Styles Namespace
  Class Description
Public class AxisBorder
Border of Axis
Public class AxisItemTextStyle
Styles of Axis item label text area
Public class AxisItemTextSurface
Style of axis item text
Public class AxisLabelStyle
Styles of Axis label
Public class AxisLabelTextAreaStyle
Styles of Axis label text area
Public class AxisLabelTextSurface
Style of axis label text
Public class AxisXBorder
Border of X axis
Public class AxisYBorder
Border of Y axis
Public class AxisYLabelStyle
Styles of Y Axis label
Public class Border
Border style
Public class BottomPosition
Bottom position of the container elements
Public class CanHiddenGridLineBorder
Public class CanHiddenLabelStyle
Public class CanHiddenTextAreaStyle
Styles of text area which can be hidden
Public class CaptionBorder
Border of title
Public class CaptionChartMargins
Margins for title
Public class CaptionDimensions
Dimensions of Chart title
Public class CaptionFill
Fill style for title
Public class CaptionLabelStyle
Styles of Chart title
Public class CaptionTextAreaStyle
Styles of title text area
Public class CaptionTextSurface
Style of title text
Public class CenterPosition
Center position of the container elements
Public class ChartBorder
Border of chart
Public class ChartDimensionsBase
Dimensions of chart element
Public class ChartEntityDimensions
Dimensions of Chart entity
Public class ChartFill
Fill style for Chart background
Public class ChartGridStyle
Styles of grid table
Public class ChartMargins
Base Margins for Chart Element
Public class ChartPaddings
Base Padding for Chart Element
Public class ChartPosition
Position of chart element in the container
Public class ChartShadow
Shadow settings for chart
Public class ChartSkin
Chart skin
Public class ChartStyle
Styles of chart
Public class Corners
The edge of chart element
Public class CornersConverter
Public class DataTableBorder
Border of Data table
Public class DiagramChartMargins
Margins for diagram
Public class DiagramDimensions
Dimensions of diagram
Public class DiagramFill
Fill style for diagram
Public class DiagramStyle
Styles of diagram
Public class EmptySeriesMessageLabelStyle
Styles of empty series message
Public class EmptyValue
Empty value
Public class EmptyValueMarkerStyle
Styles of empty value marker
Public class ErrorTextAreaStyle
Styles of text area which can be hidden
Public class ErrorTextSurface
Style of errors text
Public class ExtendedLabelCollectionStyle
Public class FiguresCollection
Default figures
Public class Fill
Base fill style
Public class FillSettings
Fill settings
Public class FillSettingsVerticalGradient
Fill settings for vertical gradient
Public class GridLineBorder
Border of grid line
Public class LabelStyle
Styles of label
Public class LayoutDecoratorBase
Base class for a chart Margins and Paddings
Public class LeftPosition
Left position of the container elements
Public class LegendBorder
Border of legend
Public class LegendChartMargins
Margins for legend
Public class LegendChartPaddings
Padding for Chart legend
Public class LegendDimensions
Dimensions of legend
Public class LegendLabelStyle
Styles of legend label
Public class LegendMarkerStyle
Styles of legend marker
Public class LineBorder
Line style in border
Public class LocatingStyle
Base appearance settings for any element being calculated
Public class MajorAxisXGridLineBorder
Border of major X Axis grid line
Public class MajorGridLineBorder
Border of major grid line
Public class MajorTickBorder
Border of major tick
Public class MarginsConverter
Provides a unified way of converting ChartMargins type values to other types, as well as for accessing standard values and sub properties.
Public class MarkerDimensions
Dimensions of marker
Public class MarkerStyle
Styles of marking area.
Public class MarkingAreasFill
Fill style for Marking Areas
Public class MarkingAreaStyle
Styles of marking area.
Public class MinorTickBorder
Border of minor tick
Public class NonePositionMarkerStyle
Styles of none position marker
Public class PaddingsConverter
Provides a unified way of converting ChartMargins type values to other types, as well as for accessing standard values and sub properties.
Public class PointLabelConnectorBorder
Border of point label connector
Public class PointMarkerDimensions
Dimensions of point mark
Public class RightPosition
Right position of the container elements
Public class ScaleBreaksLineBorder
Border of scale breaks line
Public class SeriesBorder
Border of series
Public class SeriesEmptyLineBorder
Border of empty Line series
Public class SeriesFill
Fill style for series
Public class SeriesLineBorder
Border of line series
Public class SeriesPointFill
Fill style for series points
Public class SeriesPointLabelStyle
Series item appearance style
Public class SeriesPointMarkDimensions
Dimensions of series point mark
Public class SeriesPointMarkerStyle
Styles of series point marker
Public class SeriesPointStyle
Styles of series point
Public class SeriesPointTextAreaStyle
Styles of series point text area
Public class SeriesPointTextSurface
Style of series point text
Public class SeriesStyle
Styles of series
Public class Shadow
Shadow settings
Public class SkinnablePropertyAttribute
Represents the custom property attribute used to mark property as skinable and being used with a skin application
Public class StyleBase
Base style class
Public class TextAreaStyle
Styles of text area
Public class TextSurface
Text appearance settings(Font, Color, Style)
Public class TickBorder
Border of axis tick
Public class TitleChartPaddings
Padding for Chart title
Public class TopLeftPosition
TopLeft position of the container elements
Public class TopPosition
Top position of the container elements
Public class TopRightPosition
TopRight position of the container elements
Public class Unit
Represents a length measurement.
  Structure Description
Public structure DefaultFigures
  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration AxisTickPosition
Specifies the axis Ticks location relatively to plot area
Public enumeration ChartAxisLayoutMode
Axis label layout mode
Public enumeration ChartAxisValuesVisibility
Visible settings of axis values
Public enumeration ChartAxisVisibility
The visual setting of axis
Public enumeration ChartFillMode
Fill types for background
Public enumeration ChartTextWrap
Wrap text mode
Public enumeration ChartValueFormat
Axis value format
Public enumeration ContentAlignedPosition
Container elements content alignment
Public enumeration CornerType
Corner type
Public enumeration DrawType
Types for drawing figures
Public enumeration EmptyValuesMode
Empty values representation mode
Public enumeration GradientMode
Gradient mode for background fill.
Public enumeration ImageAlignModes
Background image alignment mode
Public enumeration ImageDrawMode
Background image drawing mode
Public enumeration ImageQuality
Specifies the quality at which image is rendered.
Public enumeration ImageTileModes
Background tile mode.
Public enumeration LabelItemsCompositionMode
Synthesis mode label text and visual markers
Public enumeration LabelLocation
Public enumeration LabelPlacementDirection
Direction of label position
Public enumeration Orientation
Series point display direcntion
Public enumeration OverflowMode
Overflow mode
Public enumeration SeriesPointLabelStyleItemLabelLocation
Public enumeration ShadowPosition
Possible shadow positions listing
Public enumeration TextQuality
Specifies the quality at which text is rendered.
Public enumeration UnitMode
Specifies the unit of measurement.