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Kettic.AspNet.Controls.Toolkit.Apoc Namespace
  Class Description
Public class Code example ApocDriver
ApocDriver provides the client with a single interface to invoking Apoc XSL-FO.
Public class ApocEventArgs
A class containing event data for the Error, Warning and Info events defined in ApocDriver.
Public class ApocException
This exception is thrown by Apoc when an error occurs.
Public class XslTransformer
Provides a static method that applies an XSL stylesheet to an XML document
  Interface Description
Public interface IDriver
This interface is implemented by the ApocDriver class to permit usage from COM applications. This is the recommended method of supporting invocation from COM application as it permits interface versioning.
  Delegate Description
Public delegate ApocDriverApocEventHandler
The delegate subscribers must implement to receive Apoc events.
Public delegate ApocDriverApocImageHandler
The delegat subscribers must implement to handle the loading of image data in response to external-graphic formatting objects.