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Kettic.Pdf Namespace
  Class Description
Public class FileIdentifier
A File Identifier is described in section 8.3 of the PDF specification. The first string is a permanent identifier based on the contents of the file at the time it was originally created, and does not change as the file is incrementally updated. The second string is a changing identifier based on the file's contents the last time it was updated.
Public class KeywordEntries
Public class PdfAnnotList
Public class PdfArray
Public class PdfBoolean
Public class PdfCatalog
The root of a document's object hierarchy is the catalog dictionary.
Public class PdfCIDFont
A dictionary that contains information about a CIDFont program.
Public class PdfCIDSystemInfo
A dictionary containing entries that define the character collection of the CIDFont.
Public class PdfCMap
Class that defines a mapping between character codes (CIDs) to a character selector (Identity-H encoding)
Public class PdfContentStream
Public class PdfDate
PDF defines a standard date format. The PDF date format closely follows the format defined by the international standard ASN.1.
Public class PdfDictionary
Public class PdfDocument
A class that enables a well structured PDF document to be generated.
Public class PdfFileSpec
Public class PdfFileTrailer
Class representing a file trailer.
Public class PdfFont
Public class PdfFontDescriptor
Public class PdfFontFile
Public class PdfGoTo
Public class PdfGoToRemote
Public class PdfICCStream
An International Color Code stream
Public class PdfIdentityHEncoding
Represents a Identity-H character encoding
Public class PdfInfo
Class representing a document information dictionary.
Public class PdfInternalLink
Public class PdfLink
Public class PdfName
Public class PdfNameNames
Well-known PDF name objects.
Public class PdfNull
Public class PdfNumeric
Public class PdfObject
Public class PdfObjectReference
Public class PdfOutline
This represents a single Outline object in a PDF, including the root Outlines object. Outlines provide the bookmark bar, usually rendered to the right of a PDF document in user agents such as Acrobat Reader
Public class PdfPage
Public class PdfPageTree
The pages of a document are accessed through a structure known as the page tree.
Public class PdfResources
Public class PdfStream
Public class PdfString
Public class PdfTrueTypeFont
Public class PdfType0Font
A Type 0 font is a composite font whose glyphs are obtained from a font like object called a CIDFont (a descendant font).
Public class PdfType1Font
Public class PdfUri
Public class PdfVersion
Public class PdfWArray
Array class used to represent the /W entry in the CIDFont dictionary.
Public class PdfWriter
Public class PdfXObject
Public class XRefTable
A PDF file's cross-reference table.
  Structure Description
Public structure PdfObjectId
  Interface Description
Public interface IPdfAction
  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration Keyword
Public enumeration PdfFontSubTypeEnum
An enumeration listing all the font subtypes
Public enumeration PdfFontTypeEnum
An enumeration listing all the fonts types available in Pdf.
Public enumeration PdfStringFormat
The PDF specification describes two conventions that can be used to embed a string in a PDF document. This enumeration, along with the Format property can be used to select how a string will be formatted in the PDF file.