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ICustomDictionarySource Interface
A custom interface that defines the access to the custom dictionary. It can be used to replace the custom dictionary storage mechanism and store the words in a database or on a remote computer.

Namespace: Kettic.AspNet.Controls.Dictionaries
Assembly: Kettic.AspNet.Controls (in Kettic.AspNet.Controls.dll) Version: 2014.4.1129.0 (2014.04.1129.0)
public interface ICustomDictionarySource

The ICustomDictionarySource type exposes the following members.

Public methodAddWord
Adds a new custom word.
Public methodReadWord
Reads a word from the storage. It should return null if no more words are present.
Public propertyCustomAppendix
A custom appendix string that can be used to distinguish different custom dictionaries. It is passed the CustomAppendix of the KaxSpell object. This way one can create different dictionaries for John and Mary.
Public propertyDictionaryPath
The directory that contains the custom dictionary file. Necessary only for file based storage -- it is set to the physical directory corresponding to KaxSpell's DictPath property setting.
Public propertyLanguage
The language for the custom dictionary. It is usually a culture name like en-US or de-DE.
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