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QR Code Barcode in ASP.NET AJAX
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QRCode Properties

  • Type: QRCode
  • Width: Barcode image width. When we are setting this property, if BarcodeWidth setting is smaller than the barcode required minimum width, the library will automatically reset to barcode minimum width.
  • Height: Barcode image height. When the BarcodeWidth setting is smaller than the barcode required minimum width, our PerBarcode library will automatically reset to barcode minimum width.
  • Text: QR Code encoding data and char set, including numeric data (digits 0 - 9); alphanumeric data (digits 0 - 9; upper case letters A -Z; nine other characters: space, $ % * + - . / : ); byte data (default: ISO/IEC 8859-1); and Kanji characters.
  • OutputType: There are two supportable barcode output types: SVG_VML and EmbeddedPNG.
  • DotSize: Use this to specify size of the barcode dots in pixels. Use this to achieve sharp rendered QR Code. You can use this in combination with Width="" and Higth="" and the QR will be sized according to the number of its dots. If you set DotSize to zero, the QR symbol will be resized to fill up the Width and Height.
  • ECI: Extended Channel Interpretations Encoding, this property allows for additional data to be applied to the FNC1 data. Please, keep in mind, that this is only applicable with FNC1Mode.FNC1SecondPosition. Additionally, the supportable data for this property is ranging {a-z}], {[A-Z} to {00-99}.
  • Error Correction Level: There are four possible values for QR Code - L(Low), M(Medium), Q(Quartile), H(High), which respectively allow for 7%, 15%, 25% and 30% recovery of symbol code words. What’s more, the higher version of error correction dedicates a larger portion of modules for error correction.
  • FNC1: This mode is used for messages containing data formatted either in accordance with the UCC/EAN Application Identifiers standard or in accordance with a specific industry standard previously agreed with AIM International.
  • Mode: There are four values available for QR Code - Alphanumeric, Numeric, Byte and Kanji.
  • Version: The value of this property is an integer value and ranges from 1 to 40. And generally speaking, the higher-version QR codes can accommodate larger amounts of data.

ASP.NET Code Example

If you have finished creating a web AP.NET barcode creating application within Visual Studio 2010 or any later version, you can simply copy following ASP.NET demo codes to your barcode creating project to generate and define QR Code. If you are users in C#, you can go to: C# demo codes on QR Code creation.
<kettic:PerBarcoderunat="server" ID="PerBarcode1" Type="QRCode" Text="123456789" Width="371px" Height="371px"
<QRCodeSettingsVersion="1" DotSize="12" ErrorCorrectionLevel="L"></QRCodeSettings>