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GridGroupingSettings Class
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: Kettic.AspNet.Controls
Assembly: Kettic.AspNet.Controls (in Kettic.AspNet.Controls.dll) Version: 2014.4.1129.0 (2014.04.1129.0)
public class GridGroupingSettings : ObjectWithState

The GridGroupingSettings type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCaseSensitive
Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the grouping operation is case-sensitive, default is distinction.
Public propertyCollapseTooltip
Gets or set the tooptip when the mouse hover the collapsed button.
Public propertyExpandTooltip
Gets or set the tooptip when the mouse hover the expanded button.
Public propertyGroupByFieldsSeparator
String that separates each group-by field when displayed in GridGroupHeaderItems.
Public propertyGroupContinuedFormatString
Public propertyGroupContinuesFormatString
Public propertyGroupSplitDisplayFormat
A part of the string that formats the information label that appears on each group header of a group that is split onto several pages parameter {0} will be replaced with the number of actual items displayed on the page parameter {1} will be replaced with the number of all items in the group
Public propertyGroupSplitFormat
Gets or sets the format string that will be used when group is split, containing the GroupSplitDisplayFormat or GroupContinuedFormatString and GroupContinuesFormatString or the three together.
Public propertyRetainGroupFootersVisibility
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the group footers should be kept visible when their parent group headers are collapsed.
Public propertyShowUnGroupButton
Gets or sets value indicating if group panel item's ungroup button should be shown
Public propertyUnGroupButtonTooltip
Gets or sets value text of group panel item's ungroup button's tooltip
Public propertyUnGroupTooltip
Gets or sets a string that will be displayed when a group panel item is hovered.
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