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KaxCaptcha Class
This control serves as spam protection mechanism. It impplements 3 strategies: 1. Auto-detection - if this strategy is chosen, then we use predefined rules which decide whether the input comes from a robot or not. This strategy is not 100% secure and some sophisticated robots may pass it so it should be used in personal websites with low traffic and where spam robots are not very likely to drop by. If such robots are found to visit the site, the use of the more secure strategy is more advisable. 2. KaxCaptcha - if this strategy is chosen, then an image with obfuscated text is displayed and the user is required to input this text in a textbox thus allowing the control to validate whether s/he is a robot or not. This is the most secure method to protect from spam but it is considered to be inaccessible because disabled people may not see the text in the image! TODO in future release: 3. Subscribe to anti-spam services. This last spam protection mechanism is used to validate the input against public or private web services which given the input return whether or not it is considered to be spam. Some services claim that they catch more than 90% of the spam so this type of protection is fairly secure and can be used in small to medium websites but not in large-scale websites.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: Kettic.AspNet.Controls
Assembly: Kettic.AspNet.Controls (in Kettic.AspNet.Controls.dll) Version: 2014.4.1129.0 (2014.04.1129.0)
public class KaxCaptcha : KaxWebControl, IValidator, 
	INamingContainer, IPostBackDataHandler

The KaxCaptcha type exposes the following members.

Public methodKaxCaptcha
Public methodValidate
Public propertyAccessKey
Gets or sets the KaxCaptcha text box access key.
(Overrides KaxWebControl.AccessKey.)
Public propertyCaptchaAudioLinkButtonText
Gets or sets the text of the LinkButton that gets the Captcha Audio Code.
Public propertyCaptchaImage
Public propertyCaptchaLinkButtonText
Gets or sets the text of the LinkButton that generates new CaptchaImage.
Public propertyCaptchaMaxTimeout
Gets or sets the maximum number of minutes KaxCaptcha will be cached and valid. If you're too slow, you may be a KaxCaptcha hack attempt. Set to zero to disable.
Public propertyCaptchaTextBoxCssClass
Gets or sets the CSS class applied to the KaxCaptcha input textbox.
Public propertyCaptchaTextBoxLabel
Gets or sets the label which explains that the user needs to input the KaxCaptcha text box.
Public propertyCaptchaTextBoxLabelCssClass
Gets or sets the CSS class to the label which explains that the user needs to input the KaxCaptcha text box.
Public propertyDisplay
Gets or sets display behavior of error message.
Public propertyEnabled
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the Web server control is enabled.
Public propertyEnableEmbeddedBaseStylesheet (Overrides KaxWebControl.EnableEmbeddedBaseStylesheet.)
Public propertyEnableEmbeddedSkins (Overrides KaxWebControl.EnableEmbeddedSkins.)
Public propertyEnableRefreshImage
Gets or sets a bool value indicating whether or not the KaxCaptchaImage can be refreshed. The "rcRefreshImage" CSS class should be used for changing the skinning of the LinkButton, that generates the new image.
Public propertyErrorMessage
The error message text generated when the condition being validated fails.
Public propertyForeColor
Gets or sets the fore color of the error message.
(Overrides KaxWebControl.ForeColor.)
Public propertyHttpHandlerUrl
Specifies the URL of the HTTPHandler that serves the captcha image.
Public propertyIgnoreCase
Gets or sets a bool value indicating whether the KaxCaptcha should ignore the case of the letters or not.
Public propertyImageStorageLocation
Gets or sets the storage medium for the CaptchaImage.
Public propertyInvisibleTextBoxLabel
Gets or sets the invisible textbox strategy label text.
Public propertyIsValid
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the user-entered content in the KaxCaptcha control passes validation.
Public propertyMinTimeout
Gets or sets the minimum number of seconds form must be displayed before it is valid. If you're too fast, you must be a robot.
Public propertyProtectionMode
Gets or sets which startegies are/to be used for automatic robot discovery.
Public propertyTabIndex
Gets or sets the tabindex of the KaxCaptcha text box.
(Overrides KaxWebControl.TabIndex.)
Public propertyValidatedTextBox
Gets the TextBox that is being validated by the KaxCaptcha.
Public propertyValidatedTextBoxID
Gets or sets the ID of the textbox to be validated, when only the KaxCaptcha image is rendered on the page.
Public propertyValidationGroup
Gets or sets the validation group.
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