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KaxChart Class
The class represents the base functionality of the KaxChart.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: Kettic.AspNet.Controls
Assembly: Kettic.AspNet.Controls (in Kettic.AspNet.Controls.dll) Version: 2014.4.1129.0 (2014.04.1129.0)
public class KaxChart : KaxDataBoundControl, INamingContainer, 
	IPostBackEventHandler, IChartEntity, IComponent, IDisposable, IChartSupportsScaling, 
	IStateManager, ICallbackEventHandler

The KaxChart type exposes the following members.

Public methodKaxChart
Creates a new instance of KaxChart.
Public methodAddChartSeries(ChartSeries)
Adds a new point series
Public methodAddChartSeries(String, Color, Color, ChartSeriesView)
Creates and adds series to the chart series collection.
Public methodClear
Removes all the data series in the chart.
Public methodClone
Public methodDataBind
Binds a data source to the invoked server control and all its child controls.
(Overrides BaseDataBoundControlDataBind.)
Public methodExportToImage(String)
Saves chart to an image file.
Public methodExportToImage(String, ImageFormat)
Saves chart to an image file with specified image format.
Public methodExportToStream
Saves chart to stream with specified image format.
Public methodGetByName
Gets series according to the name
Public methodGetCallbackResult
Public methodGetSeriesByColor
Gets a series of element according to the specified color.
Public methodGetSeriesByIndex
Gets a series of element according to the specified index.
Public methodGetSeriesByName
Gets a series of element according to the specified name.
Public methodInsertChartSeriesAt
Adds a point series in a specified location in the series collection
Public methodLoadFromXml(TextReader)
Loads chart data from a TextWriter object
Public methodLoadFromXml(String)
Loads KaxChart's data from XML file
Public methodMapPath
Public methodRaiseCallbackEvent
Public methodRaisePostBackEvent
Public methodRemoveAllSeries
Removes all the data series in the chart without removing axis items. without removing axis items.
Public methodRemoveSeriesAt
Removes the data series at the specified index.
Public methodSaveToXml
Exports current chart's settings into TextWriter object
Public methodSaveToXml(String)
Saves the contents of the Chart data into a Xml file
Public propertyAccessKey (Overrides KaxDataBoundControl.AccessKey.)
Public propertyBackColor (Overrides KaxDataBoundControl.BackColor.)
Public propertyBackgroundComplexSettings
Complex set of a variety of color fill
Public propertyBackgroundFillMode
Background fill mode
Public propertyBackgroundGradientMode
Gradient fill mode
Public propertyBackgroundMainColor
Main color of background fill
Public propertyBackgroundSecondColor
Second color used in gradient fill
Public propertyBorderColor (Overrides KaxDataBoundControl.BorderColor.)
Public propertyBorderStyle (Overrides KaxDataBoundControl.BorderStyle.)
Public propertyBorderWidth
Public propertyCaption
Chart title
Public propertyCaptionText
Public propertyChartEntity
Chart engine
Public propertyChartHandlerUrl
Gets or sets a value indicating the URL to the ChartHttpHandler that is necessary for the correct operation of the KaxChart control.
Public propertyChartImageAlternateText
The alternate text will display when the image cannot be shown in client.
Public propertyChartImageFormat
The image transmitted to client format
Public propertyClientSettings
Client-side settings.
Public propertyContentFile
Gets or sets Chart content file name.
Public propertyCssClass (Overrides KaxDataBoundControl.CssClass.)
Public propertyCustomFigures
Custom graphics for Chart
Public propertyCustomPalettes
Custom palettes for chart
Public propertyDataGroupField
Gets or sets the name of the DataSource column (member) that will be used to split one column data into several chart Series
Public propertyDataManager
Data management object
Public propertyDataMember
Gets or sets the name of the list of data that the data-bound control binds to, in cases where the data source contains more than one distinct list of data items.
(Overrides KaxDataBoundControl.DataMember.)
Public propertyDataSource
The DataSource object
(Overrides KaxDataBoundControl.DataSource.)
Public propertyDataSourceID
Gets or sets the ID of the control from which the data-bound control retrieves its list of data items.
(Overrides KaxDataBoundControl.DataSourceID.)
Public propertyDefaultSeriesView
Default view of chart series
Public propertyDiagram
Chart diagram
Public propertyDisableHandlerDetection
Gets or sets string a value indicates to the HttpHandler URL.
Public propertyEnableAutoLayout
Whether to enable the automatic layout
Public propertyEnabled (Overrides KaxDataBoundControl.Enabled.)
Public propertyEnableEmbeddedSkins
Whether enable embedded chart skin
(Overrides KaxDataBoundControl.EnableEmbeddedSkins.)
Public propertyEnableWiseLabel
Whether to enable the intelligent label, can alleviate the label overlap
Public propertyFont (Overrides KaxDataBoundControl.Font.)
Public propertyForeColor (Overrides KaxDataBoundControl.ForeColor.)
Public propertyHeight
Chart height
(Overrides KaxDataBoundControl.Height.)
Public propertyIsCreatingImageMap
Whether to create a graphical map
Public propertyIsTextWrap
Whether automatically wrap
Public propertyIsUseSession
Whether use session to cache
Public propertyLegend
Chart's legend
Public propertyScaleEnabled
This property supports the KaxChart infrastructure and is not intended for public use.
Public propertySeriesOrientation
Series orientation, horizontal or vertical
Public propertySeriesPalette
Palette of series
Public propertySeriesSet
Collection of the chart series.
Public propertySkin
Chart control Skin
Public propertySkinOverrideStyle
Should skin override user setting or not
Public propertyStyleSet
Chart style
Public propertyTabIndex (Overrides KaxDataBoundControl.TabIndex.)
Public propertyTempImagesFolder
Temporary preservation path of images.
Public propertyToolTip (Overrides KaxDataBoundControl.ToolTip.)
Public propertyWidth
Chart width
(Overrides KaxDataBoundControl.Width.)
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