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GridDropDownColumn Class
Displays a DropDown control for each item in the column. This allows you to edit for example lookup field(s) from data table(s).
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: Kettic.AspNet.Controls
Assembly: Kettic.AspNet.Controls (in Kettic.AspNet.Controls.dll) Version: 2014.4.1129.0 (2014.04.1129.0)
public class GridDropDownColumn : GridEditableColumn

The GridDropDownColumn type exposes the following members.

Public methodGridDropDownColumn
Public propertyAllowAutomaticLoadOnDemand
Gets or sets a value indicating whether automatic load-on-demand is enabled for the KaxComboBox editor of this column.
Public propertyAllowFiltering
A Boolean property, which specifies whether filtering will be enabled for the column.
Public propertyAllowSorting
Gets or sets a whether the column data can be sorted.
Public propertyAllowVirtualScrolling
Gets or sets a value indicating whether virtual scrolling is enabled for KaxComboBox editor. Setting this property to true requires AllowAutomaticLoadOnDemand to be set to true
Public propertyDataField

The DataField property points to the column in the grid data-source containing values which will be compared at a later stage with the values available in the column, referenced by the %ListValueField:ListValueField% property.

Public propertyDataSourceID
A string, specifying the ID of the datasource control, which will be used to populate the dropdown with data.
Public propertyDropDownControlType
Gets or sets the type of the dropdown control associated with the column.
Public propertyEmptyListItemText
A string, specifying the text to be displayed in normal mode, when there is no Data Source specified for the column. In edit mode, this value is rendered as a dropdown list item. When in edit mode, and there is a valid DataSource specified for the control, this value is appended as the first item of the dropdown box.
Public propertyEmptyListItemValue
A string value, representing the value, associated with the EmptyListItemText.
Public propertyEnableEmptyListItem
A Boolean value, indicating whether the dropdown column will be bound to a default value/text when there is no data source specified, from which to fetch the data.
Public propertyIsEditable
A Boolean value, indicating whether a dropdown column is editable. If it is editable, it will be represented as an active dropdown box in edit mode.
(Overrides GridColumnIsEditable.)
Public propertyItemsPerRequest
Gets or sets the number of Items the KaxComboBox editor will load per Item request. This property requires EnableAutomaticLoadOnDemand to be set to true.
Public propertyListDataMember

The ListDataMember property points to the data table (part of the dataset used for grid data-source) which is the source for the GridDropDownColumn generation.

Public propertyListTextField

The ListTextField points to the column in the data table from which the grid will extract the values for the dropdown.

Public propertyListTextFormatString
Public propertyListValueField

The ListValueField points to the column in the data table which will be used as a pointer to retrieve the items for the dropdown in the GridDropDownColumn.

Public propertyShowMoreResultsBox
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the KaxComboBox editor displays a More Results box. Setting this property to true requires AllowAutomaticLoadOnDemand to be set to true.
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