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GridTableViewCollection Class

A collection that stores GridTableView objects. You can access this collection through DetailTables property of a parent GridTableView.

Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: Kettic.AspNet.Controls
Assembly: Kettic.AspNet.Controls (in Kettic.AspNet.Controls.dll) Version: 2014.4.1129.0 (2014.04.1129.0)
public class GridTableViewCollection : CollectionBase

The GridTableViewCollection type exposes the following members.

Public methodGridTableViewCollection(GridTableView)

Initializes a new instance of GridTableViewCollection containing any array of GridTableView objects.

Public methodGridTableViewCollection(GridTableViewCollection)

Initializes a new instance of GridTableViewCollection based on another GridTableViewCollection.

Public methodGridTableViewCollection(KaxGrid, GridTableView)

Initializes a new instance of GridTableViewCollection.

Public methodAdd

Adds a GridTableView with the specified value to the GridTableViewCollection .

Public methodAddRange(GridTableView)

Copies the elements of an array to the end of the GridTableViewCollection.

Public methodAddRange(GridTableViewCollection)

Adds the contents of another GridTableViewCollection to the end of the collection.

Public methodContains

Gets a value indicating whether the GridTableViewCollection contains the specified GridTableView.

Public methodCopyTo

Copies the GridTableViewCollection values to a one-dimensional Array instance at the specified index.

Public methodGetEnumerator

Returns an enumerator that can iterate through the GridTableViewCollection .

Public methodIndexOf

Returns the index of a GridTableView in the GridTableViewCollection .

Public methodInsert

Inserts a GridTableView into the GridTableViewCollection at the specified index.

Public methodRemove

Removes a specific GridTableView from the GridTableViewCollection .

Public propertyItem

Represents the entry at the specified index of the GridTableView.

Public propertyOwnerGrid
Get the instance of KaxGrid that owns this instance
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