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Dock Control for C# WinForms
How to use Dock control to arrange Windows in WinForms C# template projects
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DockWindows Arranging in C# Windows Forms

The Dock control is designed for developers to manage a variety of windows in the Windows Forms application. The Dock control provides a ToolTabStrip container to keep one or more ToolWindows that developers can drag with the ways below,
  • Drag the ToolWindows within a ToolTabStrip.
  • Drag the ToolWindows from one ToolTabStrip to another one.
  • Drag the ToolWindows from one ToolTabStrip to a new one.
  • Drag the ToolWindows from a ToolTabStrip on a form to a floating one.
  • Drag the ToolWindows from a floating ToolTabStrip to a docked one.
It is able to move a ToolWindow by dragging the title bar of it from the original place to the new place container. With the Docking Assistant, developers can put the ToolWindow to other panels. If users need to move the ToolWindows to various ToolTabStrip containers, the context menu or pin icon on the DockPanel title bar will help you to hide the window automatically. And it is also able to move a ToolWindow to a container with tabbed documents. These two operations can save screen space for end users, present more information at run time, and customize the work space for end users.

Resize Panels using Dock Control

The Dock Control for Windows Forms allows developers easily resize a ToolTabStrip and DocumentTabStrip container. It is able to achieve this by clicking the splitter bar between two adjacent docking containers, drag the splitter and drop to the desired place. The ToolWindows and docking containers of the Dock Control are able to resize themselves to fit the space available automatically, subject to any size limits set at design time. The following steps demonstrate how to resize the Panels.
  1. Move your mouse over the splitter area to display the splitter mouse icon
  2. Press the left key of the mouse down and drag the splitter to a new place
  3. Release the mouse button and drop the splitter bar to the new place
  4. The panels to either side of the splitter will be resized in relation to the new splitter place
  5. The resizing will be completed with the above steps.

Resize Floating Containers with Dock Control

The Dock Control for Windows Forms application allows developers easily resize the floating docking container. Just drag the edges of the floating window, the ToolWindow within the container will be resized automatically in the same manner as resizing any ToolWindow in any other container.
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