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How to use Dock control to Float Windows in WinForms C# template projects
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Floating Windows in C# Windows Forms

The Dock control is designed for developers to manage a variety of windows in the Windows Forms application. The Dock Control for Windows Forms provide the support of residing the ToolWindows in docked or floating docking containers and the Dock control also determine the floating containers.

How to Float a ToolWindow

To float a ToolWindow, we can drag the ToolWindow out of the docked container area and drop it to an existing float container. Drag the ToolWindow to any area within the DockingAssistant, and the Dock Control can create a new float container with the ToolWindow. Right click the ToolWindow title bar and choose Float from the context menu. Double click the title bar and the ToolWindow will be floated.

How to Move a ToolWindow to an Exist Float Window

If developers need to move a ToolWindow to an existing float Window, just drag DockPanels to an existing floating container and then select left, right, top, or bottom to drop it to the place where you need. The split cell layout will be created. Drop the DockPanels onto the downward arrow of the Docking Assistant compass.

How to Unfloat a ToolWindow

The way of cancel the floated ToolWindow is to drag the title bar of the ToolWindow to a docked container. It is also possible to double click on the title bar to move the ToolWindow.

How to Move a ToolWindow to a New Docking Container

The Dock Control for Windows Forms could create a new docking container when developers use the drop target icons in the DockingAssistant outer zone. And the ToolWindow that positioned in a floating container will be placed to the new docked container.

How to Move a Float ToolWindow to an Exist Container

The Dock Control for Windows Forms will insert the ToolWindow, which placed in the float container, into a new docked container when using the drop target icons in the inner zone. The Dock Control will rearrange other dock containers within that container to fit the new dock container subject to size limits.
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