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Remove ToolWindow and DocumentWindow with Dock Control in WinForms applications
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Remove ToolWindow and DocumentWindow

After adding the ToolWindow and DocumentWindow, developers can remove them if they think the ToolWindow and DocumentWindow being added inappropriately. The Dock Control provides two different methods for developers to call to remove the ToolWindow and DocumentWindow. The CloseAction property determines the two methods and its valid values are listed as below:
Close, this value of CloseAction is able to close and detach the Dock Window from the Dock Control and won’t allow developers to manage the Dock collections.
Hide, this value of CloseAction is able to hide DockWindow and the window is only hidden in Dock Control. The Dock Window is not detached from the Dock Control. Developers can manage the Window from the Dock collections.
CloseAndDispose, this value of CloseAction is used to close and dispose the Dock Window.

Key Methods of Object Model

RemoveWindow, this method is used to close and detach a DockWindow, regardless of the value of the property of CloseAction. This method may be used when developers pass only a DockWindow as a parameter. Additionally, developers can also pass a CloseAction parameter in the RemoveWindow method.
CloseWindow, this method is used to close a DockWindow combined with the property of CloseAction in this instance.
DocumentWindow, this method is the default behavior. The Document Window will be closed when the value of the CloseAction is CloseNDispose. The DocumentWindow can be closed from the UI if the property of CloseAction isn’t set to the DocumentWindow.
ToolWindow: The ToolWindow will be closed from the UI when the property of CloseAction is not for ToolWindow. Developers can closed the window with setting the value of CloseAction to Hide, which allows developers reuse the ToolWindow for it is not disposed.
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