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PDF Viewer WinForms Control
Display PDF documents directly in your Windows Forms application.
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Printing Support by PDFViewer Control

KetticPDF Viewer Control provides the support to print PDF documents in C# Windows Forms applications. In the tutorial below, we are going to demonstrate how to print the document by using the PDF Viewer control using C# code. Before the printing customizing, we shall integrate the PDFViewer control into Windows application.

How to Print using PDFViewer Control in C#.NET

To print document by using the PDFViewer control, we shall use the KetticPrintDocument control. This printing property allows the users of the control drag it from the toolbox and drop to the Windows Forms. And then, the users can set the Printed Object to the desired viewer for the PDFViewer control.
KetticPrintDocument control provides various printing features for the users. They can easily customize the printing style for their PDF documents, such as, header, footer, watermark, preview and settings dialogs.

C# code for Printing in PDFViewer Control

KetticPDFViewer control for Windows Forms contains two C# methods for printing PDF documents by using the PDFViewer .NET component. The simple C# code snippet below demonstrates how to implement the methods to print PDF documents.

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