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Customization of KetticWizard Control in C#.NET

KetticWizard control for Windows Forms provides rich design-time support functionality to developers. This feature allows developers easily customize and configure the Wizard controls when design the user interface. For example, it is capable of configuring the wizard mode via rich smart tag menu, editing the collection of wizard pages and elements, dragging and dropping items, applying themes or creating custom themes at design time. It also provides various tools like Visual Style Builder, Element Hierarchy Editor, and Shape Editor to design the user interface for your application.

Smart Tags of KetticWizard Control for Windows Forms

KetticWizard provides a variety of Smart Tag menu for the users to customize the KetticWizard control at design time in Windows Forms application. The options of Smart Tag are capable of defining the following properties of KetticWizard.
  • Mode of KetticWizard
  • Page header icon
  • Welcome image
  • Completion image
Additionally, we are able to add and remove the Internal pages of KetticWizard by using the Smart tag.

Pages Collection Editor of KetticWizard Control for WinForms

Furthermore, KetticWizard control contains Pages Collection Editor for the developers to customize the KetticWizard control at design time in .NET application. With the Pages Collection Editor, we are able to perform the actions like,
  • Add Internal, Welcome and Completion pages
  • Remove pages from the KetticWizard
  • Rearrange pages in KetticWizard
  • Customize page properties of this control
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