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KetticWizard Control for Windows Forms
Create user friendly wizard user interfaces for Windows Forms applications
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Setting Modes of KetticWizard Control in C#.NET

KetticWizard control resembles the installation wizards. It is able to help developers to divide a complicated operating process into various simple procedures which allows users of your application easily operate the application. This control supports the Wizard97 and Wizard Aero specifications for creating quite useful wizard in their application for users. Wizard 97 specification is the former standard for wizard design, visual layout, and functionality and has wide application in Windows and plenty of Microsoft products.

C# Applying Modes of KetticWizard control

When using the KetticWizard control, the developers can easily apply the Wizard97 and Wizard Aero modes to their Windows application. The Wizard 97 mode extends form resize functionality and the Aero mode is used to replace the Wizard 97 and incorporates visual updates to match the Windows Aero aesthetics.

C# code for Setting Wizard97 mode of KetticWizard

To enable the Wizard97 mode of the KetticWizard control, we shall use the Mode property of the control

this.ketticWizard1.Mode = WizardMode.Wizard97;

C# code for Setting Aero style mode of KetticWizard

KetticWizard control allows the users to enable or disable the Aero style mode for their Windows application. To enable the Aero style, we should use the EnableAeroStyle property of KetticWizard control for WinForms. The C# code below shows how to achieve this.

this.ketticWizard1.Mode = WizardMode.Aero;
this.ketticWizard1.EnableAeroStyle = true;
To disable the Aero Style, we can set the value of the EnableAeroStyle property to be false as the C# code below.

this.ketticWizard1.Mode = WizardMode.Aero;
this.ketticWizard1.EnableAeroStyle = false;
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