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Design menus with animation effects, flexible orientation, custom backgrounds, and image menus
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Menus Appearance and Style in C#.NET Applications

Kettic Menu Component for Windows Forms contain rich themes for the users to create slick user interfaces that have the same appearance of Windows Vista, Office 2007, Outlook, and more. It is easy to switch the themes by changing a single property. The Menu Controls for WinForms UI Design also provides a theme color blending to tweaking the color scheme of a theme. With this feature, developers need not to redo the theme from scratch and could apply the updated color scheme to all WinForms controls. Developers can also build a new theme for exact visual interface by using the Visual Style Builder. The Buttons Controls for WinForms application also provides a few tags to format text style of menu labels.

How to Rotate Menu Items in C#.NET

Kettic Menu Component allows the UI designers to create orientated menus as well as text on them. The users can orientate the menus and menu item text to both horizontal and vertical directions. The Orientation property of the KetticMenu control is used to change the direction of menus, and the TextOrientation and FlipText properties of the individual KetticMenuItems are able to control the entire layout of the KetticMenu.

Customize Menu Background and Background Image

Kettic Menu WinForms Control allows the interface designers to customize the background of menus. It is capable of editing the background colors and adding images to background. To change the colors of background of menus, we shall use the Visual Style Builder, and to add images to background of menus, we shall apply the properties, BackgroundImage and BackgroundImageLayout for KetticMenu.

Add Images to Menu Items in C#.NET

Kettic Menu Control for Windows Forms is able to add images to menu items. It is capable of placing images in a main menu item as well as in a sub menu item. To add image to menu items, we can use the KetticItemImage property or supply the images to the ImageList control. The KetticItemImage property is able to directly add images to menu items via local and project resources.

Animation Menus Creation in C#.NET

Kettic Menu Control for Windows Forms is capable of creating animation effects menus for C#.NET applications. It is able to expand and collapse the drop down menus with animation effects. To create such an animation menus in C#.NET, we shall enable the animation functionality using DropDownAnimationEnabled property, and build the animation effects using the DropDownAnimationEasing property and DropDownAnimationFrames property.
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