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Build Menus in C# using Menu Designer

Kettic Menu Control for Windows Forms Application is a drop down button and features a variety of properties and design time user interfaces. The Menu for application is able to display the menu controls implementing behavior on documents, forms and applications like Save and Print. Kettic Menu Controls for Windows Forms offers C# API to the UI designers for the menus to checked, unchecked, and disabled all menu items. It also provides the run time support to add and remove the menu items by using C# code.

How to Add Menu Items

Kettic Menus Control offers various methods to create menus in your application by using the property collection editor or the Kettic Menu designer. The following steps demonstrate how to add a new menu item to your C#.NET projects.
  1. Create a new Windows Forms project or open an exist one, drag a Kettic menu control and drop to a form.
  2. Hit the Kettic menu area labeled as Type Here, type the top level menu item to the entry space provided to create a new Kettic menu item.
  3. An alternative way is to open the drop down arrow of the existing main menu items, and choose Add KetticMenuItem, Add KetticMenuComboItem or Add KetticMenuSeparatorItem to create an item of the corresponding type.
  4. When the menu item is created, we can simply configure the Text, Image properties and edit the Items collection of the created menu item by using the Smart Tag. Or choose Edit Items in the Smart Tag and add a new Kettic MenuItem in the KetticElement Collection Editor.

How to Add Sub Menu Items

Kettic Menus Control allows the users to add sub menu items to the main menu items. The KetticMenuItem contains its own items to allow menu designs which require multiple levels of hierarchy. The following steps demonstrate how to accomplish this in your C#.NET projects.
  1. Choose the main menu item in your C# form, open the property window and click Items, hit the ellipsis button, and then select the KetticElement Collection Editor.
  2. Hit the main menu item you are going to add sub item in the designer, invoke the Add new item,
  3. Choose one menu item type from the KetticMenuitem, KetticMenuComboItem or KetticmenuSeparatorItem to create to create it
  4. And then we can right click the main menu item, and choose Add an item from the context menu.

How to Remove Menu Items

It is easy to remove the menu items by using the Menu Designer of the control. This is accomplished by choosing the item and hit Delete key or right click the menu item and choose delete from the context menu in the menu designer.
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