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Application Menu of Kettic Menu Control in C#.NET

Kettic Menu Component for Windows Forms is capable of creating an application menu for your application to display controls for performing actions on all documents. To design such a menu, we need to use the KetticApplicationMenu property. In addition, the KetticRibbonBar allows the users to gather the functions of menus, tab strips, and toolbars in a bar like the one in Microsoft Office 2007. This article will introduce how to create ribbon bar and application menu for your application by using the Kettic Menu Control.

Ribbon Bar for Organizing Functionalities of C#.NET Application

Kettic Menu Component provides the KetticRibbonBar to organize the functionality of menus, tab strips and toolbars. The ribbon bar has the similar interface with Microsoft Office 2007 and is able to hold all functionalities of the application you are building. The ribbon bar will display details relatively when the space is available according to the sizing of your application. Moreover, the ribbon bar is able to organize the child forms when a MDI layout is applied.

Application Menu for Managing Functionalities of C#.NET Application

Kettic ApplicationMenu is able to show controls for performing actions on all documents and forms as well as the list of recent documents, access to form options, and the ability to exit the form or application.
Virtually, the KetticApplicationMenu is a KetticDropDownButton and has various properties and interfaces which are the same as KetticMenu, including,
  • Smart Tag items,
  • KetticItem Collection Editor
  • KetticItem types being added to collections.
The KetticApplicationMenu contains KetticItem collections such as, Items, RightColumnItems which is able to reserve extra screen real estate, and ButtonItems.
Another property of KetticApplicationMenu is the ShowStyle, whose valid values including Image (default), None, Text and ImageAndText. When change the property to Image, we can easily add any image to the menu, like logo of your company.
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