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Kettic Context Menu Implementation in C#.NET

Kettic Menu WinForm Control is capable of creating context menus for.NET applications. The context menu is content sensitive and offers extra usability and rich appearance to any Windows Forms application. The Menu control is available on any forms when you added it. Developers need to use the context menu manager to associate the context menu with a control. The Kettic context menu support design time and run time customization.

How to Implement Context Menus in C#.NET Applications

Kettic Menu Control includes the KetticContextMenu component for context menus implementation in C# Windows Forms applications. The KetticContextMenu component is invisible and placed in component tray which is below the form design surface. The users of the component are able to add predefined themes to the KetticContextMenu or create custom themes. There is also an items collection, like KetticMenu, used for accepting KetticMenuItem, KetticMenuComboBoxItem, KetticMenuSeparatorItem and KetticMenuContextItem.

Assign KetticContextMenu to Controls in C#

The users of KetticContextMenu component are able to implement context menus to a control in two approaches, assigning the KetticContextMenu in the designer or in C# code or handling the MouseDown event in C#.NET.
If the Kettic WinForms Controls include the property, ContextMenu or KetticContextMenu, we are able to assign the KetticContextMenu in the designer or in C# code. The C# code below shows how to achieve this.

ketticTreeView1.Nodes[0].ContextMenu = ketticContextMenu1;

Handle MouseDown Event of KetticContextMenu

We need to handle the mouse down event and call the KetticContextMenu.Display() method when the Kettic WinForms Controls do not contain the ContextMenu or KetticContextMenu, for example, the Windows standard control, ContextMenuStrip, does not display KetticMenu or KetticContextMenu components, or the Kettic controls need the context menus. The C# code below demonstrates that how to handling the MouseDown event.

void ketticCalendar1_MouseDown(object sender, MouseEventArgs e)
if (e.Button == MouseButtons.Right)
Point p = (sender as Control).PointToScreen(e.Location);
ketticContextMenu1.Show(p.X, p.Y);
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