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Progress Bar for Windows Forms in C#.NET

KetticProgressBar control is designed to show the progress information in a long running operation. It supports the themes provided in the UI control suite so that developers can choose the predefined themes or build custom styles for the progress bar. The expand functionality of the Progress Bar WinForms control that is better than the standard one include the support for displaying text and images within the progress bar, indicator styles of dashed and cross-hatched, and displaying two values on a single progress bar.

Features of KetticProgressBar Control for Windows Forms

KetticProgressBar control allows the users to build progress bar to show the information of your application to the users in a running operation. It provides a variety of features for the designers to customize the progress bar for their Windows application.
  • Completely capable with the standard ProgressBar control for Windows Forms
  • Predefined themes support allows the designers to easily apply the themes to the progress bar
  • Capable of build custom styles and appearance for the progress bar in C# Windows Forms
  • Allows the users show text and add images into the body of the progress bar
  • Support the dashed and cross hatched indicator styles for progress bar
  • Capable of displaying two values on a single progress bar and indicate the second value via a change in shade with the unfilled portion of the progress bar
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