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TrackBar Windows Forms Control in C#.NET

Kettic TrackBar WinForms control, or Slider control, is developed for the users to customize the slider and allows end users to choose a value on a bar by moving a slider. It is able to navigate a large amount of information and visually adjust a numeric setting. The KetticTrackBar provides a horizontal bar and a vertical bar with a sliding handle that can be moved by using the mouse and a series of marks. The users of your Windows Forms application can set the slider in horizontal and vertical direction as well as at an arbitrary angle.

Elements Structure of Kettic TrackBar for Windows Forms

KetticTrackbar WinForms control is built up of several levels of nested elements. The following are the brief list of the elements in a tree structure.
  • TrackBarScaleContainerElement, this element is used to wrap and arrange the TrackBarScaleElement and TrackBarLineElement
  • TrackBarScaleElement, the instance of this element includes TrackBarTickContainerElement and TrackBarLabelContainerElement to create and arrange the ticks and labels
  • KetticTrackBarElement, this element stands for the entire KetticTrackBar control, and consist of two instances to stand for the event handlers of buttons and the TrackBarBodyElement in KetticTrackArrowButton
  • TrackBarBodyElement, this element is used to wrap and arrange the TrackBarScaleContainerElement and TrackBarIndicatorContainerElement
  • TrackbarIndicatorElements, this element contains the TrackBarThumbElement and the TrackbarRangeElement which stand for two thumbs and a line between them
  • TrackBarIndicatorContainerElement, this element is able to create and arrange the TrackbarIndicatorElements based on the mode of KetticTrackBar and the content of the Ranges collection. It connects the logical TrackBarRange and the visual representation

Themes Support by the KetticTrackBar for Windows Forms

KetticTrackBar provides a horizontal bar and a vertical bar to replace the standard Windows Forms track bar controls and provides extended features. This control support the built-in themes included in the Kettic UI WinForms suite and provide a consistent look and feel, so the interface designers can easily apply the predefined themes to the horizontal and a vertical bar. In addition, the KetticTrackBar control allows the users apply custom styles and appearance to it.
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