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Getting Started of TrackBar Control for C# Windows Forms

Kettic TrackBar control for Windows Forms is designed to customize the slider and allows users to choose a value on a bar by moving a slider. Users of your Windows Forms application can set the slider in horizontal and vertical direction as well as at an arbitrary angle. The TrackBar WinForms control support all predefined themes included in the Kettic UI WinForms suite and allows the developers apply custom themes to the track bar.

Guide of Using KetticTrackBar and Setting Trackbar Slider

The following steps show how to use the KetticTrackbar together with a KetticTextBox control and change the value in the text box via setting the trackbar slider position in C# Windows Forms application.
  • Open an existing .NET project or create a new Windows Forms application in Visual Studio
  • Drag the KetticTrackBar, KetticTextBox and KetticLabel controls and drop them on a form in the project
  • Set the Text property of KetticLabel WinForms control to be Current Value
  • Set the Text property of KetticTextBox control to be an empty string
  • Set the Maximum property to 30 for the KetticTrackBar control
  • In the Properties window, click the Events toolbar button and double clicks the ValueChanged event
  • Copy the C# code below and paste them to the event handler

void ketticTrackBar1_ValueChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
this.ketticTextBox1.Text = ketticTrackBar1.Value.ToString();
  • Run the project and move the slider on the trackbar with mouse to update the text box for displaying the new slider position
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