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WaitingBar Control for C# Windows Forms

KetticWaitingBar WinForms control is designed to display the status of a long running operation in .NET Windows application. And it is not able to show the indication of completed percentage. This control is able to start and stop the waiting animation of the KetticWaitingBar control in various directions, such as Left, Right, Bottom and Top. In addition, the built-in themes allow the users easily change the style and appearance of the waiting bar in their Windows application. The KetticWaitingBar control for Windows Forms will animate a block across a progress area while the process is running on.

Waiting Animation of KetticWaitingBar for Windows Forms

KetticWaitingBar control for WinForms is capable of indicating a long running operation with indeterminate length is undergoing. It is able to start the waiting animation from four different directions including Left, Right, Bottom and Top. The predefined styles and appearance for KetticWaitingBar include Indeterminate, Throbber and Dash.
  • Indeterminate waiting bar, this theme mimics the standard indeterminate ProgressBar control. When applying this indeterminate style to the KetticWaitingBar, it will smoothly animate all indicators longwise.
  • Dash style, when we apply the Dash style to KetticWaitingBar, it will smoothly move a striped pattern rather than indicators of the Kettic WaitingBar.
  • Throbber mode, this style is able to move the indicator of the KetticWaitingBar from one side to another. When we set the KetticWaitingBar to be horizontal, it moves the indicator left and right, and when we set the KetticWaitingBar to be vertical, it moves the indicator bottom and top.
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