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Properties and Methods of WaitingBar Control in C#.NET

Kettic WaitingBar control for Windows Forms is capable of displaying the status of running operation for users, but the indication of completed percentage. It is able to start and stop the waiting animation of the KetticWaitingBar control in various directions, such as Left, Right, Bottom and Top. In addition, this control contains built-in themes for the users easily change the style and appearance of the waiting bar in their Windows application. It also support custom styles that created by the designers. The following are the key properties and methods available for the interface designers to customize the Kettic WaitingBar control.

Properties for KetticWaitingBar control for WinForms

The following are the key properties of KetticWaitingBar control and the brief explanations.
  • IsWaiting, this property is used to indicate if the KetticWaitingBar control is currently waiting
  • isplayText, this property is used to display the text of KetticWaitingBar and the default setting disable this property
  • Image, ImageIndex, and ImageKey, these properties are used to control the image shown in the waiting indicators
  • HorizontalStretchIndicators, this property is used to stretch the waiting indicators in horizontal direction.
  • VerticalStretchIndicators, this property is used to stretch the waiting indicators in vertical direction.
  • Orientation, this property determines the move direction of waiting indicator. When the waiting indicator moves in horizontal direction, its value is Horizontal, on the contrary, when the waiting indicator moves in vertical direction, its value is Vertical.
  • WaitingIndicatorSize, this property is used to customize the size of the waiting indicators
  • WaitingDirection, the property is used to control the move direction of the indicators. Its valid value includes Right, Left, Top, and Bottom, which are the start side of the movement.
  • WaitingSpeed, this property is used to control the animation speed of the waiting bar. Its valid values range from 0 to 100.
  • WaitingStyle, this property is able to customize the appearance of the KetticWaitingBar control. Three predefined modes are available, including Indeterminate, Throbber, and Dask. The Indeterminate mimics the standard ProgressBar indeterminate, the Throbber mode moves the indicator left and right when the KetticWaitingBar in horizontal, and bottom and top when the control is vertical.
  • WaitingStep, this property determines the amount of pixels that the waiting indicators move at a step of animation. When we set this property to be 0, KetticWaitingBar control raises the WaitingStopped event and terminates the waiting animation. Otherwise, it raises the WaitingStarted event and continues the waiting animation.

Methods for Customizing KetticWaitingBar control

KetticWaitingBar WinForms control contains three methods to customize the waiting animation in C# Windows Forms application.
  • StartWaiting(), this method is used to start the waiting animation of KetticWaitingBar
  • StopWaiting(),this method is used to stop the waiting animation of KetticWaitingBar
  • ResetWaiting(),this method is able to move the waiting indicators to the initial position.
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