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Scroll Bar for C# Windows Forms

KetticScrollBar control provides HoriScrollBar and VertiScrollBar to replace the standard Windows Forms scroll bar elements to create scrolling bars in horizontal and vertical orientation for your applications. The scrolling element of VertiScrollViewer allows users fully manage the content area and can applied when it is necessary. The VertiScrollViewer supports Physical mode, which customize the scrolling in preset intervals, and Logical scrolling mode, which customize the size of the increment.

Themes Support by the KetticScrollBar control for Windows Forms

The HoriScrollBar and VertiScrollBar of KetticScrollBar control replace the standard Windows Forms scroll bar controls and provides extended features. This control support the built-in themes included in the Kettic UI WinForms suite and provide a consistent look and feel, so the interface designers can easily apply the predefined themes to the HoriScrollBar and VertiScrollBar. In addition, the KetticScrollBar control allows the users apply custom styles and appearance to it.

Element Structure of KetticScrollBar control]

The KetticHoriScrollBar and KetticVertiScrollBar contain the building elements order in a tree structure and the property values are inherited in direction from the root to the leaves. The following are the key nodes for the scrollbar control
  • KetticScrollBarElement, this is an abstraction node to add the element to other Kettic UI WinForms controls
  • ScrollBarThumb, this element contains a FillPrimitive and a BorderPrimitive, which represent the scroll bar thumb
  • FillPrimitive, this element is used to set the overall background properties inherited by the other elements.
  • ScrollBarButton, this element contains a FillPrimitive, an ArrowPrimitive, and a BorderPrimitive, which represent the arrows at both ends of the scroll bar
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