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Cells of C# DataGridView Control

The Cells are the unit representing data in Kettic DataGridView. While using the DataGridView component in C# Windows Forms application, users can easily customize and editing the cells for data grid and design amazing cells user interface for their C# Windows Forms application. The Kettic GridView Control allows users easily accessing, iterating, merging, formatting cells as well as creating custom cells for their Data Grid in .NET projects.

How to Access Cells in C# DataGridView

Users of the Control can access grid cells through index or the column Name property. The Kettic DataGridView uses virtualization for its visual elements so that only the current rows will be visible. When scrolling the grid up and down, the visual elements will be reused. When we assign values to several cells, we need to put the Kettic DataGridView between BeginUpdate() and EndUpdate() method.

How to Edit Cells Information in C# DataGridView

To edit the information of cells, we need to use the property KetticGridViewCellInformation C# class, which represent a single grid cell logically. The KetticGridViewCellInformation contains values, including, Value, ColumnInformation, RowInformation, and CellElement

Conditional Cells Formatting of C# DataGridView

Cells and rows in grid can be styled according to data conditions. This is achieved through applying ConditionalFormattingObjects which contains values like, BackColorofCell to customize the back color of cells, ForeColorofCell to customize the fore color of cells, AlignTextToCell to align text in cells, BackColorofRow to customize the back color of the entire row where the cells located, ForeColorofCell to customize the fore color of the entire row where the cells locate, and AlignTextToRow to align text of the entire row where the cells in,

How to Create Custom Painting Cells

The Kettic GridView allows users to manually paint and draw all its individual elements. With custom painting and drawing support, the data grid can be customized into anything as users requirements.

Customize Cells to GirdView in C#.NET

The following are details demonstrating how to create customizing data cells to GridView for C# Windows Forms applications, such as accessing and Iterating through grid cells, creating conditional formatting cells, creating formatting cells, setting grid cells, drawing and painting cells, and creating custom cells.
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