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Data Grid WinForms Control
Create data gird view in C# with modern user interface for your Windows Forms applications
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DataGridView Style and Appearance Customizing

The Kettic DataGridView Control provides rich styling and appearance for users of the Data Grid Control to build modern user interfaces for their C# Windows Forms applications. It is easy to customize the Kettic Data Grid appearance through each of the four ways, including themes that predefined in the DataGridView component, UI editor that supports building user interfaces at design time, Events for DataGridView and Conditional Formatting.

Themes of C# DataGridView Control

The DataGridView Components contains various themes that have been predefined. Users of the Data Grid Control can easily apply these themes for their C# Windows Forms applications without designing themselves. Furthermore, the DataGridView control also allows users to create custom themes and styles as their specific requirements.

C# DataGridView UI Editor

The Kettic DataGridView offers limited functionalities for editing UI elements so the rows and cells can’t be edited with UI editor. However, The UI Editor of DataGridView allows users to design the appearance of the Data Grid control at design time. The user interface elements start from the smart tag of the component and there are no similar kinds of limitations in Edit UI Elements dialog for the rest of our controls.
To edit the user interfaces, we can edit properties, like GridTableElement and GridTableBodyElement, which are able to control behavior and appearance of grid cells and rows, including GridTableElement.RowHeight, RowSpacing and so on. We can change these properties settings via the Edit UI elements dialog.

Events of DataGridView

The event of DataGridView is the best way of editing cells and rows. If we using the data grid view events, we can customize the style and appearance of data grid as demand with Conditional Formatting, which is able to set declaratively instead of procedurally as in the events approach.

Conditional Formatting of DataGridView

The conditional formatting provides the declarative approach describing formatting, which has limitations compared to the DataGridView events.
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