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Filtering Data in C# for Grid View

The data filtering function support is built in the Data Grid Control. It allows users process data filtering in any columns. When users click in the filter cell, the cell editor will be open and will allow users set the filter condition. When clicking the filtering icon in the filter cell, a menu will be open and provide filter conditions including greater than, contains, less than, equals to, and more. Developers can also customize the filtering features in C# code in Windows Forms projects.

Filtering Grid Data in C#

The Data Grid View Control provides the support of user grid filtering in Kettic Grid View. To enable the filtering feature, users need to set either value of the properties, KetticGridView.EnableFilter or KetticGridViewTemplate.EnableFilter to True. The default values of the two properties are disabled at all levels.

this.ketticGridView.EnableFiltering = true;
this.ketticGridView.MasterTemplate.EnableFiltering = true;

Data Filtering in Grid View Data Column

When users enable the data grid filtering behavior in Data Grid View, a filter box will appear beneath the corresponding header in each Grid View Data Column.
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