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ExpressionEditor of GridView create expressions for grid in C# WinForms applications
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GridView ExpressionEditor Localization

The Kettic GridView provides the support of the localization of ExpressionEditor. The localization support allows the users easily localize the UI elements of the ExpressionEditor. By using this GridView ExpressionEditor, it is easy to create complex expressions and access the predefined functions, operators, and constants as well as GridView fields. The Expression Builder of the editor allows the users easily look up and add components and fast enter accurate expressions as well. It is able to start the Expression editor from the context menu in a specific grid column, initialize it by using C# code and use it at design time.

How to Localize UI Elements of ExpressionEditor in C#

The localization of the ExpressionEditor requires the using of KetticGridViewLocalizeProvider included in the GridView UI localization class. The KetticGridViewLocalizeProvider is able to display control text and messages in a specific language. To localize the UI elements of ExpressionEditor, we need to create a descendant of the KetticGridViewLocalizeProvider C# class as following.

public class CustomLocalizeProvider : KetticGridViewLocalizeProvider
public override string GetLocalizedString(string id)
switch (id)
case KetticGridStringId.ExpressionFormTitle: return "Expression Builder";
case KetticGridStringId.ExpressionFormFunctions: return "Functions";
case KetticGridStringId.ExpressionFormFunctionsText: return "Text";
case KetticGridStringId.ExpressionFormConstants: return "Constants";
case KetticGridStringId.ExpressionFormDescription: return "Description";
case KetticGridStringId.ExpressionFormTooltipMultiply: return "Multiply";
case KetticGridStringId.ExpressionFormTooltipDivide: return "Divide";
case KetticGridStringId.ExpressionFormTooltipEqual: return "Equal";
case KetticGridStringId.ExpressionFormTooltipNotEqual: return "Not Equal";
case KetticGridStringId.ExpressionFormTooltipLess: return "Less";
case KetticGridStringId.ExpressionFormTooltipLessOrEqual: return "Less Or Equal";
case KetticGridStringId.ExpressionFormTooltipGreaterOrEqual: return "Greater Or Equal";
case KetticGridStringId.ExpressionFormCancelButton: return "Cancel";


return string.Empty;

How to Localize Functions of ExpressionEditor in C#

The Kettic ExpressionEditor allows the users easily localize the descriptions of the functions available in C#.NET. The localization of functions is necessary to load a custom source xml file which describes the complete functions supported and the appropriate localized descriptions. The loading of the source xml file is introduced in the article, Creating Custom ExpressionEditor.
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