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Columns in Data Grid Control

The Kettic Data Grid Control offers the columns as the essential objects representing data. The columns will provide structure based on rows that will be composed. Normally, we use cell which is format by a row and a column as the unit to keep a single item.

Columns of Data Grid Control

The following is a list that shows the brief introduction on each of column classes of the Data Control.
  • KetticGridColumn Base Class, the Kettic grid column class is the base class for all types of data grid columns.
  • KetticGridDataColumn Base Class, the Kettic grid data column descends from data grid column and is the base class for all data bound column types.
    • KetticGridBrowseColumn, the Kettic Data Grid Control uses the grid browse column to edit file paths
    • KetticGridCalculatorColumn, the Kettic Data Grid Control uses the grid calculator to edit numbers
    • KetticGridCheckBoxColumn, the Kettic Data Grid Control will display and edit the Boolean data in check box column.
    • KetticGridColorColumn, the Kettic Data Grid Control will edit colors of the column using color dialog.
    • KetticGridComboBoxColumn, the Kettic Data Grid ComboBox Column will display a set of predefined text values in a drop down list.
    • KetticGridCommandColumn, the Kettic Grid Command Column is able to show a button element that responds to user input.
    • KetticGridDateTimeColumn, the Kettic Grid Date Time Column provide date entry and formatting for Date and Time data
    • KetticGridDecimalColumn, the Kettic grid decimal column is able to show and edit decimal data.
    • KetticGridHyperlinkColumn, the Kettic Grid Hyperlink Column is able to display, format, edit and open hyperlinks as well as run executable files
    • KetticGridImageColumn, the Kettic grid image column is able to display read only images for database columns
    • KetticGridMaskBoxColumn, the Kettic grid mask box column is able to restrict editing of text data
    • KetticGridTextBoxColumn, the Kettic grid text box column is able to show and edit text data
  • Generating columns, the generating columns allow users of the Data Grid control add columns automatically or in C# code.
  • Data type conversion, this is a data layer is used to convert data
  • Accessing and Iterating through Columns, this is able to access and iterate via columns.
  • Resizing Columns, this is used to change the size of the modes
  • Pinned columns, the pinned columns is able to pin and unpin columns as well as disable the feature
  • Column Chooser - find out how to hide or show columns
  • Column text properties, the column text property contains wrap text for rapping text and text alignment for align text.
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