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C# Grid Command Column

The Grid Command Column descends all features of the Kettic Data Grid Column parent class. The Kettic Grid Command Column is able to display a button element to respond the user input by using mouse clicks and keyboard key hits. When users input using the mouse and keyboard, their action will fire the command click event. Then, we can pass the text of button with the column properties, FieldName and DefaultText. Customize the properties following like this: change the value of the ApplyDefaultText properties as true to show the same button text for each cell and set text to the DefaultText property for the button.

Add Grid Command Column in C#

In the samples below, we are going to create a grid command column to show the CompanyName in the button text by disable the property, ApplyDefaultText, and create another grid command column to display Name with the DefaultText property by enabling the ApplyDefaultText property. The Kettic Grid Command Click event will respond to any input action of mouse click and keyboard hits.

public GridCommandColumn1()

GridCommandColumn commandColumn = new GridCommandColumn();
commandColumn.Name = "CommandColumn";
commandColumn.UseDefaultText = false;
commandColumn.FieldName = "CompanyName";
commandColumn.HeaderText = "Company Name";

GridCommandColumn commandColumn2 = new GridCommandColumn();
commandColumn2.Name = "CommandColumn2";
commandColumn2.UseDefaultText = true;
commandColumn2.DefaultText = "Company Name";
commandColumn2.FieldName = "CompanyName";
commandColumn2.HeaderText = "Company Name";

ketticGrid1.CommandCellClick += new CommandCellClickEventHandler(ketticGrid1_CommandCellClick);

void ketticGrid1_CommandCellClick(object sender, EventArgs e)
MessageBox.Display("Company Name" + ((sender as GridCommandCellElement)).Value);

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