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C# Grid Hyperlink Column

The Kettic Data Grid Control uses the Data Grid Column objects to represent columns. The Kettic Data Grid Column is the base class of all types of grid columns, including the Grid Hyperlink Column. The Grid Hyperlink Column descends all features of the Kettic Data Grid Column parent class. So the Grid Column properties that are shared by the Grid Hyperlink Column class provide custom appearance and C# events for building entire gird hyperlinks column in Windows Forms C# applications.

Add Grid Hyperlink Column in C#

The Kettic Grid Hyperlink Column is able to display, format, edit and open hyperlinks as well as run executable files in grid columns. It uses the Kettic Text Box Editor as the default editor. To add and populate the grid hyperlink column to Data Grid Control in C# projects, we can use the C# code snippet below.

GridHyperlinkColumn column = new GridHyperlinkColumn("Hyperlink column");


Customize Behavior of Grid Hyperlink Column

When we want to open hyperlinks in the column, we can use a few different ways to achieve this or set the hyperlinks to plain text. The following three properties are available to users, the SingleClick property, which allows users open the link by a single click, DoubleClick property, which allows users open the link by double clicks, and None property, which set the links as plain text and can’t open the links.

Appearance Customizing in C#

The Kettic Data Grid Control entirely support the themes predefined in the UI WinForms Control and custom themes building. Users of the Grid Control can customize the themes of the grid hyperlink column to the states, like default, hovered, clicked, and visited.

Events of Grid Hyperlink Column

The Grid Hyperlink Column has two unique events to customize the hyperlink column while using the Data Grid Control.
  • HyperlinkOpening, this event is used to determine if open the hyperlinks that has been clicked.
  • HyperlinkOpened, this event is used to indicate that the hyperlink has been opened.
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