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Data Grid WinForms Control
Create data gird view in C# with modern user interface for your Windows Forms applications
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Data Grid C# View Definition

The Data Grid Control provides amount of functionalities for UI designers to build outstanding user interface for their .NET Windows applications. It uses an AVL structure to group, sort, filter data fast, even processing complicated hierarchy data. UI Virtualization has been applied to data gird row and cell elements, which is capable of spreadsheet scenarios and a large number of columns.

Appearance and Behavior Customizing in C#

The view definition allows users of Kettic Data Grid Control to change the Data Grid View visual appearance and behavior. The property ViewDefinition of the DataGridView is provided to users to define the view definition. All view definitions implement the IViewDefinition interface and the KetticGridView allows users to build custom view definitions as required. The C# code snippet below shows how to define a view definition.

this.ketticGridView.ViewDefinition = myDefinition;

View Definition Types Included

TableViewDefinition, the table view definition is set as the default view definition.
ColumnGroupsViewDefinition, this column groups view definition is used to enable grouping feature of columns and multiple rows in one row.
HtmlViewDefinition, the html view definition is able to use layout in a similar way of the existing in html tables.
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