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GridView Themes

The Kettic GridView offers built-in themes to the users to apply custom style and appearance to the grid they are designing in GridView. To change the entire style and appearance to the GridView, there is a ThemeName property available to the users to change the themes by choosing a built-in theme included in GridView. When the users need to design custom style and appearance, they can create their own themes by using the Themes Builder to accomplish that.

Themes Predifined in GridView

When the users are designing themes for their grid, they can simply select a theme from the predefined styles in the GridView to change the theme of the grid. This approach does not require any C# code building. The following are the styles predefined in the GridView, and the users can easily ships with them in their own C#.NET applications.

Control Default Theme

This is the default theme that the Kettic GridView has applied to the grid. When the users create a new data grid, this theme will be applied by default.
  • Control Default theme

Office 2010 Themes Included

The Kettic GridView provides the support of Office 2010 themes. The following are the Office 2010 themes predefined in GridView.
  • Office 2010 Blue theme
  • Office 2010 Silver theme
  • Office 2010 Black theme


  • Breeze theme
  • Breeze extended theme

Windows 7

  • Windows7 theme


  • Aqua theme


  • Desert theme

Kettic Themes

  • Kettic Metro theme
  • Kettic Metro Blue theme

Office 2007

  • Office 2007 Silver theme
  • Office 2007 Black theme

High Contrast Black theme

This style provides high contrast between the grid content and the background.
  • High Contrast Black theme
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