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DataGridView Hierarchical Data Binding

The DataGridView Control for Windows Forms is also featured as its hierarchical structure, which allows developers or user easily go through deep their database, no matter what the grid mode is bound, unbound or virtual. All data views can be easily edited by using the functionalities, including sorting, filtering, grouping and more.

Represent Hierarchical Data

The Kettic DataGridView Control offers the hierarchical data structure support, which is able to display hierarchical master-detail data. This grid component allows UI designer process the hierarchical data at design time as well as in run time with the C# API included in the grid control. It also supports process the data automatically in according to the data structures. Furthermore, the Kettic Data Grid control presents multiple child data views, which is similar with a tree hierarchy.

Bind GridView to Hierarchical Data in C# Windows Forms

Kettic DataGridView provides the support of showing hierarchical data to an arbitrary number of levels and establishing the hierarchical at either run time or design time. The GridView control allows users generate hierarchical data automatically at runtime as well as create hierarchical data in C# code for Windows Forms application.

Bind GridView to Hierarchical Data Automatically

To create hierarchy data automatically at runtime, the data source that the GridView be bound to should be a System.Data.DataSet type, in which relations have been defined. Just change the value of AutoCreateHierarchy property as true to get this behavior.

Bind GridView to Hierarchical Data in C#

When users of the GridView Control do not want add the entire dataset and hierarchy into your C# Windows Forms application, we may need to bind the C# GridView control in C# code manually. To achieve this, we can set up the hierarchy data in C# in Windows Forms template projects.

Load On Demand Hierarchy

Sometimes, we may need to load data without initializing the Kettic DataGridView Control in our C# Windows Forms project and interact with the DataGridView or with the Windows application. We can load a child template on demand to delay the initialization until requiring. To load a KetticGridViewTemplate on demand, we need to:
  • Generate and define a columns schema to present data at the first level of the hierarchy
  • And then create a child GridViewTemplate,
  • Generate and associate GridViewEventDataProvider with the child GridViewTemplate
  • Handle RowSource event to populate data for all parent rows

GridView Hierarchical Data Binding Details

The following are details that shows how to bind GridView to hierarchical data source. binding in C# Windows Forms projects. For example, binding GridView to a single level of data and multiple levels of hierarchical data, binding to Array and ArrayList or GenericList, binding to data table or DataSet, etc.
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