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Resize Child GridViewInformation for Hierarchical Gird

The Kettic DataGridView Control offers the hierarchical data structure support, which is able to display hierarchical master-detail data. This grid component allows UI designer process the hierarchical data at design time as well as in run time with the C# API included in the grid control. It also supports process the data automatically in according to the data structures. Furthermore, the Kettic Data Grid control presents multiple child data views, which is similar with a tree hierarchy. After binding to hierarchical grid, we can simply create custom size for the hierarchical grid.

Resize Child GridViewInformation by Dragging

The Kettic GridView control provides the support of resizing child GridViewInformation. The resizing operation can be accomplished by drag mouse at runtime. When users want to size the child GridViewInformation, they can move the mouse pointer to the bottom left part of the GridViewInformation and then press the mouse to resize the GridViewInformation by dragging it.

Resize Hierarchical Child GridViewInformation in C#

The Kettic GridView control provides an alternative to create custom size to the hierarchical child GridViewInformation. This is accomplished through resizing the child GridViewInformation in C# code. It requires users of the control to subscribe to the ExpandedChildView event, and the set a specific value to Height property of the ChildRow to change the size of child GridViewInformation. The following C# code for resizing child GridViewInformation works when we enable the ApplyScrollbarsInHierarchy property.
C# code for creating a custom size for a child GridViewInformation by setting a specific value

void ketticGridView1_ChildViewExpanded(object sender, ChildViewExpandedEventArgs e)
e.ChildRow.Height = 200;
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