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Data Grid C# Expression Editor

The Kettic Data Grid Control for Windows Forms contains a powerful Expression Editor to create complex expressions. The Expression Editor allows users easily to access to various predefined functions, operators, constants as well as Kettic Data Grid View fields

Structure of Kettic Expression Editor

  • Expression Box, the expression box allows users to enter expressions, and add expression elements by double clicks or drag and drop items in the element
  • Common Expression Operators, this operator allows users to use buttons as fast shortcuts to add required operator
  • Expression Elements Tree, the elements tree allows users easily navigate via the available expression elements categories
  • Expression Values List, this list allows users to scroll via the available expression functions, operators, constants or fields.
  • Help and information about the selected expression value, this part will display the description and the syntax of the chosen expression value to users.
  • Result Preview, allows users of the Kettic Expression Editor to preview the calculated result of the entered valid expression that has been evaluated and displayed.

Features of Expression Editor

  • Expressions of the Editors are made up of functions, constants, operators, and identifiers, which allow users to edit names of fields, tables, forms, and queries.
  • Expression Builder in the Editor allows users of the Data Grid Control easily look up and insert these components
  • Expressions entering will be more quick and accurate.
  • The Kettic Expression Editor supports design time.
  • Capable of starting expressions editing from the context menu of the particular column, or initializing and display from C# code.
  • Automatically loads functions, operators and current data grid columns and parse and evaluate entered expression after displaying the Kettic Expression Editor.
  • Preview support allows users to display the result of the at least current row of the grid at run time.
  • Confirmation button will be enabled only if there is a valid expression.
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