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Data Editing for DataGridView in C# Windows Forms

The Kettic DataGridView Control for Windows Forms provides powerful data editing functionalities. GridView users can easily restrict user interaction and data modification as necessary through the properties. Furthermore, it is easy to perform cell editing or data entry for end users at any time they need to manipulate the data. It also offers a very nice interface for end users to edit or insert data via an editor based on data type.

Data Editing Support for C# Windows Forms

Kettic GridView Control contains various properties for UI designer of the data grid to control the actions of end users of the grid. For example, it is able to restrict user interaction and data modification including, rows editing and deleting, rows adding and positioning as well columns editing.

C# API for Inserting, Editing, Deleting Data

The C# code API for data editing, data inserting, as well as data deleting are included within the GridView Control. UI designer of the data grid can easily use the API to build the grid data editing behavior for columns and rows.

Data Validation for GridView

The Kettic GridView control provides data validation features to prevent invalid input. Users of the DataGridView control can implement the ValueChanging and ValueChanged events to create custom validation for their data gird in C# Windows Forms applications.
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