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Data Grid WinForms Control
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Data Sorting in C# for Grid View

The Kettic Data Grid Control not only supports data sorting in a single column, but also supports data sorting in multiple columns. Additionally, it allows users to apply sorting and customize sorting in C# code in Windows Forms developmental environments.
The Data Grid Control provides amount of functionalities for UI designers to build outstanding user interface for their .NET Windows applications. It uses an AVL structure to group, sort, filter data fast, even processing complicated hierarchy data. UI Virtualization has been applied to data gird row and cell elements, which is capable of spreadsheet scenarios and a large number of columns.

Properties for Data Sorting in C#

When we are going to build the data sorting for grid view, we need change the value of the properties, KetticGridView.EnableSort or KetticGridViewTemplate.EnableSort to True, which will enable the user data sorting feature

this.ketticGridView.MasterTemplate.EnableSorting = true;
The specific user data sorting behavior can be referred to the End user Capabilities Data Sorting building.
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