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Scrolling Data in C# in Grid View

The Data Grid Control provides amount of functionalities for UI designers to build outstanding user interface for their .NET Windows applications. It uses an AVL structure to group, sort, filter data fast, even processing complicated hierarchy data. UI Virtualization has been applied to data gird row and cell elements, which is capable of spreadsheet scenarios and a large number of columns. This article will demonstrate how to scroll data in grid view in C# projects by using the Data Grid Controls

C# Events of Data Scrolling in Grid

To provide convenient data scrolling in Grid View in C# projects, the Kettic Data Grid View control offers a vertical and a horizontal data scrolling bar objects to build vertical and horizontal scrollbars respectively. If we want to subscribe to ValueChanged event of the vertical scroll bar, we can use the following C# code snippet.

void VScrollBar_ValueChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)

C# Code to Scroll in Grid

The C# code snippet below demonstrates how to scroll to a specific column.

this.ketticGridView.TableElement.ScrollTo(5, 4);
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