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Rows Color Change in GridView

When the users are designing the style and appearance for their application, they may need to use the style that is able to mark two different rows in different colors for comparison. The Kettic GridView C#.NET component provides row color mode changing to achieve this functionality. Kettic GridView is able to alternate the row color for the users to distinguish rows from each other. The users of Kettic GridView need to use the EnableAlternateRowColor property to accomplish the functionality.

How to Alternate Row Color in GridView

To change the row color to distinguish rows from each other in a grid, we need to enable the property first, EnableAlternateRowColor. This is accomplished by change the value of the property to true.
C# code for enabling the alternating row color for GridView

this.ketticGridView1.EnableAlternatingRowColor = true;
After enable this functionality, we can change the default alternating row color by assigning value to the AlternateRowColor property.
C# code for changing the alternating row color for GridView

((GridTableElement)this.ketticGridView1.TableElement).AlternatingRowColor = Color.Blue;
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